This article is about captured legends. For the task item, see Prisoners.
Captured legends

A list of legends captured during battle. Their names are preceded with the Prison icon indicating their status.

Prisoners are legends who have been captured but have not yet been recruited. Players have a chance of "imprisoning" legends when they invade wildlands, special paradises, famous cities, or another player. Jade charms and jade tokens increase the chances of capture by 5%. In rare cases, player may capture famous legends. The likelyhood of getting a famous legend (Ability 30+) is significantly less than that of a regular legend. Famous legends are usually only obtainable from special paradises or Buzhou Mountains, when using the legends' based training route.

Note that captured legends will escape after seven days.


Captured legend

The stats of a captured legend

Captured legends have zero loyalty, and do not require pay. The captured legends usually gain some experience during the battle, unless they were "one-hit" by archers. For more information of one-hitting, see Combat.

Summoning and releasingEdit

Captured legends can either be summoned or released by using the legends interface:

  • To release an imprisoned legend, click the Release icon.
  • To summon the legend, click the Summon icon.

The cost of summoning a legend is the level of the legend multiplied by 1,000. Some captured famous legends require 100,000 to summon.

cost = level * 1,000

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