Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box
Item type Treasure
Description This can only be opened by discovering the necessary Solution. The items inside may be worth up to 200 WoLCash, possibly including rare items.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Puzzle Boxes are treasure items. They are rewarded after the completion of the tasks Aspiration 4, Aspiration 5, and Aspiration 6. These boxes can also be obtained by opening a Sup. Giftbox. Solutions are required to open Puzzle Boxes.

Puzzle boxes cannot be bought from the shop, but can be resold for 1 Gold.


This item can be obtained by completing the following tasks:

Crusade tasksEdit

Daily tasksEdit

Growth tasksEdit

Legend tasksEdit


Puzzle Boxes may contain multiple items of:







On 18 May 2010, puzzle boxes were on sale in the shop for 10 WoLCash each for a limited period of 24 hours. The sale was limited to three boxes per player[1]. On 14 June 2010, puzzle boxes were offered for 18 WoLCash each for a limited period of 24 hours.


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