Red Damask
Red Damask
Level 40
Mana use 120
Equipped n/a
Use Decreases the opposing army size by 10%.

Treasure items Holy Box
Sell value 6,000
Red Damask icon

Red Damask is an artefact which decreases the army size of the opposing troops by 10%. This artefact has a requirement of level 40, and requires 120 mana each time it is used. This item can be obtained from treasure items (see infobox).


Damask is a reversible figured fabric with a pattern formed by weaving. Damasks were one of the five basic weaving techniques of the Byzantine and Islamic weaving centres of the early Middle Ages, and derive their name from their supposed origin in the city of Damascus, Syria.

According to the Legends task Arming Nezha, Nezha has two magical weapons: the Golden Chakram and the Red Damask. In the task, players require the items Gold Ring and Fire Silk which are used to remake the magical weapons.

In battleEdit

Artefact military strength minus 10

Red Damask being used in battle

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