Item type Aid
Description Decreases a Legend's level by 1, returning the potential points so that they may be re-distributed.
WoLCash Cost 2

Reflection is an Aid item which will decreases the level of one legend by 1, provided that the legend is not above Level 200. Using this item allows a player to reassign potential points of a legend.

It is common for many players who have raised the ability of their Pipa Spirit, Pheasant Spirit, or Li Jing to 41, to renew their legend first, and then use reflections on it. Players under this scenario may decide to use reflections to reset the legends by 1 level every time they level up their legend by 1, until their legend achieves 3, 4 or 5 potential points per each level raised.

This method of "reflecting" a legend, is very effective in making the legend significantly stronger, only if the player is willing to use about 100 (more like 200 if your lucky) reflections on that particular legend. This method is even more effective if the particular legend has over 40 ability points. However, this method may be considered as a gamble or quite costly because a player can get the same or a lower amount of potential points from that legend after using several reflections.

This item may be found by invading wildlands and special paradises. It can also be acquired through Gift Box 5 or can be bought from the shop. The normal shop price for reflection is 15 WoLCash but is often put on sale for 1 WoLCash.

These items usually sell fairly quickly in the Market if priced under 1 WoLCash each.

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In the FengShen Tower, the icon for the Seer's Common Attack is exactly the same as the icon for reflections.

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