There are several regions in War of Legends in which a player may choose to base their cities and sub-cities. Regions vary in size, and each region has a unique number of flatlands for players to build their cities.

In addition, most regions have at least one famous city in them, with the exception of a few regions in the outskirts of the map.


Regions and their relative locations on the map

List of regionsEdit

The following are regions found on the map, with additional information found from the Aid item Fated Wind:

Region Number of flatlands Number of famous cities Number of Strongholds
Ageless Desert 3,889 8 3
Ancient Forest 4,609 1
Bloodlust Mountains 2,266
Central Steppes 3,571 7 3
Distant Island 258
Eastern Peninsula 1,197 4 3
Forgotten Woods 2,796
Frozen Peak 7,127 10 3
Golden Archipelago 350
Lightning Plains 2,296 5 3
Lonely Island 500
Rocky Highlands 4,471 10 3
Snowy Mountains 3,613
Tranquil Bay 2,347 7 3
Verdant Hills 5,000 8 3
Whispering Wasteland 7,074 12 3
Total 51,364 72 27
Note: This information is based on the Aid item Fated Wind.

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