Task type Daily
Pre-requisite(s) Jade Emperor
Description By swearing fealty to the Jade Emperor of heaven and constructing a temple in his name, you can make daily contributions to your disenfranchised people and receive valuable rewards. These may include jewellery and valuable items. If jewellery is presented at court, you may be promoted to a senior official position.
Guide Donating resources will provide housing and food for your people. You can make one donation per day. Each donation comes with a chance to be rewarded by the Jade Emperor.
Objective(s) Donated gold: 10,000
Donated food: 10,000
Donated wood: 10,000
Donated stone: 10,000
Donated copper: 10,000
Reward(s) Reputation: 1,000
Box of Bliss: 1
Unlocks No task unlocked

This is a repeatable task that may be performed once per day, daily; much like that of collecting the daily salary, via Ambition. This task will donate 10,000 of each resource in exchange for the aforementioned reputation and the Box of Bliss. This box has the chance of containing rare jewellery, which, when obtained in enough quantity, will help complete some of requirements for more senior positions in the game. It is advisable that this task is completed only when there is a surplus in resources. You have to be ministral prefect to unlock this task.

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