Ruin Rune
Ruin Rune
Item type Accelerate
Description Destroys a building instantly, leaving the land on which it stood clear. No resources are recovered, however, and this item cannot be used on your palace.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Ruin Runes are Acceleration items which can be used to instantly demolish a building. No resources are gained, as compared to downgrading a building where 33% of resources are recovered. As the Palace is pre-built at level 1, ruin runes cannot be used to demolish palaces. This item was once bought from the shop for 20 WoLCash.Now after an update it is now 6 WoLCash but if not bought directly from the shop and bought when demolishing the building you will still pay 20 WoLCash. It can also be bought via Voucher Points.

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