Sacred Urn
Sacred Urn
Item type Forging
Description Used to unlock the true power of legends. It allows legends with ability level below 30 to practise.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

A Sacred Urn can be obtained by completing Ritual, Untold Power and Sacred Urn tasks, as well as being found in an Ash. They are also avalible in shop for 10 WoLCash or Voucher.

These are used by clicking on the Practise button in the legend interface. An urn will increase the legend's Ability by 1-3 points, up to 35. How many are needed for maximum ability depends on the success rate. The base success rate of Practising is 25% and can be increased by concurrent use of up to 3 Astral Plums to a maximum rate of 85%..


The sacred urn can be found in high-levelled wildlands and in special paradises, but it's quite a rare drop.

Sacred Urn Capture

A sacred urn obtained by invading a level 10 Hill

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