Shang (or Shang Dynasty) is one of 2 possible sides that can be chosen in alliances. There are twenty-four Shang famous city throughout the landscape and they are all ruled under by lord Dixin. Each Shang's famous city have level thirty palace and ramparts.



Shang's Famous City

Dixin's Troops are some of the easiest troops in the whole game. The palace and ramparts are both level 30.

Comparing with Skilled and Master Edit

HalberdierLifeAttackDefence ArcherLifeAttackDefence
Expert 17 12 5 Expert 12 38 5
Skilled 17 10 8 Skilled 12 35 8
Master 17 12 8 Master 15 40 8
SwordsmanLifeAttackDefence CharioteerLifeAttackDefence
Expert 27 14 15 Expert 37 33 25
Skilled 27 14 20 Skilled 37 33 32
Master 27 14 20 Master 37 36 32
  • Master Swordsmen are the same as skilled, but take less time to conscribe.


King Zhou is destined to be the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty. Shang Dynasty is one of two factions you can give allegiance to.


  • The Shang Dynasty was a real dynasty that ruled between 1766 BC and 1122 BC.
  • The Shang Dynasty is also called the Yin Dynasty
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