The Shen Suit is a level 42-48 equipment set which can be worn by True legends, and consists of four items. It drops from Floor 14 and higher of Special Paradises and Zombie Hordes, and also Floors 1, 2, and 3 of Buzhou Mountain. Its drop rarity from the SP and Zombie Horde is the same as that of the Fuxi Suit, but because it can be obtained on the last six floors, it makes this suit somewhat easier to get than the Fuxi Suit from the SP.

Icon Shen Crown Shen Nong Robe Shen Belt Shen Shoes Total stats
Item Shen Crown Shen Gown Shen Belt Shen Shoes Without bonuses With bonuses
Position Head Chest Waist Leg
Level 42 44 46 48
Aggression +79 +65 +81 +102 +327 +327
Defence +44 +60 +81 +72 +257 +257
Courage +27 +20 +27 +36 +110 +160
Magic +13 +18 +27 +24 +87 +137
Strategy +23 +30 +27 +24 +104 +154
Half set bonus [2] All attributes +50  
Full set bonus [4] Increases the attack power of charioteers by 20%

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