This article is about skills researched at the university. For the Growth task, see Skills (task).

Skills are upgrades for the different aspects of the game, and is researchable at the university. Skills are only unlocked at when the university is built, and to upgrade each skill, the university level must match the skill level.

For every level a skill is upgraded, it raises a particular feature by 2% (with the exception of the Logistics skill which raises the warehouse capacity by 4% at every level, and the Magic skill which reduces the mana consumption by 2% at every level). For example, at level 3 Cultivation, the output of food is increased by 6%. The maximum boost at level 20 would be 40%. The boost can go up to 60% at level 30, however, a player would either need to aquire a Famous city or gain the position of Civic Custodian to raise the skills to level 30.

Skill categoriesEdit

There are 18 different skills which can be researched, grouped into 3 different categories:

Icon Category Details
City skills icon City Skills related to the resources of the city (or sub-city)
Army skills icon Army Skills related to troops and combat
Legend skills icon Legend Skills related to legends and spying


City skillsEdit

Icon Skill Details
Cultivation Cultivation Increases food output by +2% per level
Logging Logging Increases wood output by +2% per level
Mining Mining Increases stone output by +2% per level
Digging Digging Increases copper output by +2% per level
Alchemy Alchemy Increases tax revenue by +2% per level
Riding Riding Increases transport speed by +2% per level
Construction Construction Increases construction speed by +2% per level
Logistics Logistics Increases warehouse capacity by +4% per level

Army skillsEdit

Icon Skill Details
Conscription Conscription Increases recruitment speed by +2% per level
Army Attack Army Attack Increases army attack power by +2% per level
Army Defence Army Defence Increases army defence power by +2% per level
Army Speed Army Speed Increases army movement speed by +2% per level

Legend skillsEdit

Icon Skill Details
Legend Defence Legend Defence Increases legend defence power by +2% per level
Magic Magic Decreases legend mana consumption by -2% per level
Leadership Leadership Increases army size by +2% per level
Skill Sense Skill Sense Increases spy success rate (skills) by +2% per level
Resource Sense Resource Sense Increases spy success rate (resource) by +2% per level
Army Sense Army Sense Increases spy success rate (troops) by +2% per level

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