Gender Female
Order Monk
Title Taoist Lingxu
Ability 30
FengShen Tower Talent Unknown

Base Life 124
Base Mana 164
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 62
Base MA 146
Base Def. 32
Base Crg. 10
Base Mag. 28
Base Strt. 12

Legend type Task
Unlock task Strange vision, Helpless
Unlock item Tongzi Tkn.

Skylark is one of the three young famous legends with 30 ability points, and requires the completion of the Legends task Strange vision or Helpless. Players will either summon this legend, Golden Lark, or Biqiao Tongzi.



Skylark's stats at level 1

Compared to a normal legend, Skylark has an extra 74 Life points and an extra 164 Mana points. As a famous legend, she cannot be renamed, demands twice the usual hourly pay, and it costs twice the usual amount of gold to boost her loyalty.

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