Strt. Bonus
Strt. Bonus
Item type Aid
Description Increases the strategy of all legends by 30 points for 8 hours.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Strategy Bonus is an Aid item which can be researched in an alliance. It can be used to increase the strategy of all legends by 30 points for 8 hours. This item is stackable with Strt. Boost.

To research this item, the alliance needs to be at least level 2 and have 1,000 JCredits in its coffers. It requires 48 hours for the research to complete. Once the item research is complete, the item may be produced by alliance members for a fee determined by the leader of the alliance but is limited to the minimum price set by the game mechanics.


The Strategy Bonus will allow a legend to hold 300 more archers, or 400 more when combined with the Strategy Boost, making it a very useful item to use before invading wildlands or special paradises.

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