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Tame the wild
Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 1)
Description You have gauged the strength of your enemy, so send your army forth into the wildland to seize control.
Guide Open the map and select an unoccupied wildland. Click Invade to plunder its riches. Different wildlands provide different resources and treasure when invaded. The higher the wildland's level, the more powerful its inhabitants will be, so be sure to prepare accordingly.
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 1
Reward(s) Meteor I: 1
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 1)
Intelligence (level 2)
Divine tribute 1
Divine tribute 2
Divine tribute 3
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 2)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 2
Reward(s) Meteor I: 5
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 2)
Intelligence (level 3)
Divine tribute 4
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 3)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 3
Reward(s) Meteor I: 10
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 3)
Intelligence (level 4)
Divine tribute 5
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 4)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 4
Reward(s) Meteor II: 1
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 4)
Intelligence (level 5)
Divine tribute 6
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 5)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 5
Reward(s) Meteor II: 5
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 5)
Intelligence (level 6)
Divine tribute 7
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 6)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 6
Reward(s) Meteor II: 10
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 6)
Intelligence (level 7)
Divine tribute 8
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 7)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 7
Reward(s) Meteor III: 1
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 7)
Intelligence (level 8)
Divine tribute 9
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 8)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 8
Reward(s) Meteor III: 5
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 8)
Intelligence (level 9)
Divine tribute 10
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 9)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 9
Reward(s) Meteor III: 10
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 9)
Intelligence (level 10)
Pre-requisite(s) Intelligence (level 10)
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 10
Reward(s) Coffer: 1
Unlocks Lay of the land (level 10)
First strike

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