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Tax is a way for a ruler to gain Gold as resources, and income is based on the population of a city (or a sub-city).

Loyalty is directly proportional depends on the tax rate, and the rate is adjustable from 0% up to 100%. For example, a tax rate of 10% means the loyalty will increase (or decrease) to 90%, and a tax rate of 95% will decrease (or increase) the loyalty to 5%. As loyalty affects population (i.e. the idle population), a decrease in loyalty results in a reduction of gold income. Thus, it is essential that a ruler finds a balance between loyalty and the tax rate.

The following equation can be used to find the income from a current tax rate when the population stabalizes, where 'i' is income, 'm' is max population, 't' is the tax rate, 'a' is the alchemy level and 'b' is the bonus rate. It is derived from the population formula, and the loyalty formula.
 i = m * \frac{100 - t}{100} * \frac{t}{100} * \frac{100 + 2a}{100} * \frac{100 + b}{100}

A couple of items can be used to increase gold income through tax:

  • Tax Order, increases gold income by 25% for 24 hours
  • Tax Writ, increases gold income by 25% for 7 days

Tax revenue may also be increased through the Alchemy skill, which increases the income by 2% for every level. For example, with Alchemy at level 10, a ruler gains an additional 20% in tax revenue.


  • Tax rate at 50% - Setting the rate to 50% allows that rulers obtain the optimal gold income without the need to raise the loyalty with Relief or Prayer.
  • Tax rate at 100% - Setting the rate at 100% ensures maximum profit. When the loyalty drops to 85, pacify with Prayer to raise loyalty back to 100. Prayer will need to be used once every 90 minutes to maintain this rate. Loyalty should be kept between 85 and 100 to ensure the highest possible population, which will generate more gold. You will maintain an average of 91% of max population, traveling between 89-93% over the 90 minutes. Currently, this method can extremely dangerous as players will be unable to raise loyalty during extended periods of server maintenance. It is recommended to set tax rate to 50% when logging off as this provides the highest stable income when you are not around to maintain loyalty artificially high.

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