Although the Guide and Objective state that Drafts should be used, using other items purchased from the shop with a voucher also appears to work for completing the task.
The art of war
Task type Novice
Pre-requisite(s) Seat of learning
Description Once your university is complete, you may train in the Conscription skill. This will allow you to speed up the process of training your troops. Different areas of study have other effects and all can be increased in level, increasing the benefits.
Guide In the city interface, select your newly constructed university. Select Army in the university interface, locate the Conscription skill and click the upgrade button. If you don't already have any, go to the shop found in the bottom right of the screen, click acceleration and use your voucher to purchase Drafts. This artefact may be used in the university to accelerate your skill training.
Objective(s) Conscription skill level 1
Purchase Drafts from the shop and use them
Reward(s) Food: 1,000
Wood: 1,500
Stone: 1,000
Copper: 1,000
Reputation: 50
Unlocks No task unlocked

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