After completing this task, make sure to check the Daily task Manoeuvres 0 to gain some extra Reputation.
Tour of duty
Task type Novice
Pre-requisite(s) Forward march
Description The enemies found surrounding your city are fierce, but should be no match for your highly trained soldiers. Please note that "wildland" is a collective term for the lakes, forests, mountains, flatlands and hills that surround your city, irrespective of terrain type.
Guide Click on the map icon at the top centre of the screen to view the area around your city. Clicking on a wildland will allow you to spy on its occupants and even mount an expedition there. Select an unoccupied level 0 wildland and click "Invade" to enter the mission interface. Select the legend in charge of your forces click the "Send to Mission" button at the bottom right corner of the interface. Take careful note of the level of the wildland before invading as a mistake may well mean the death of your soldiers.
Objective(s) Invade wildland level 0
Reward(s) Reputation: 50
Gift Voucher: 50
Robe Case: 1
Unlocks No task unlocked

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