Troops refer to the army a legend commands during combat. Troops can be trained in the garrison, and require gold and 3 basic resources: food, wood, and copper. Troops stationed at cities further consume food on an hourly basis. Some troops require the construction of the armoury, and skills to be researched at the university (e.g. Leadership and Conscription).

Training special troops (skilled, expert, and master) require a famous city and other additional requirements.

Types of troopsEdit

Icon Halberdier Swordsman Archer Charioteer
Troop Halberdiers Swordsmen Archers Charioteers
Strong against Charioteers Archers Halberdiers Swordsmen
Weak against Archers Charioteers Swordsmen Halberdiers
Skilled (Shang) Skilled Halberdiers Skilled Swordsmen Skilled Archers Skilled Charioteers
Expert (Barbarians) Expert Halberdiers Expert Swordsmen Expert Archers Expert Charioteers
Master (Zhou) Master Halberdiers Master Swordsmen Master Archers Master Charioteers
Elite (SP Floor 8-20, BM4) Elite Halberdiers Elite Swordsmen Elite Archers Elite Charioteers
Di Di Halberdiers Di Swordsmen Di Archers Di Charioteers
Dragonborn Dragonborn Halberdiers Dragonborn Swordsmen Dragonborn Archers Dragonborn Charioteers
Xuanyuan Xuanyuan Halberdiers Xuanyuan Swordsmen Xuanyuan Archers Xuanyuan Charioteers
Zombie (SP15 18-20) Zombie Halberdiers Zombie Swordsmen Zombie Archers Zombie Charioteers

There are also other kinds of troops that are stronger, but less common. These include the Order Conversion or Destiny task Descension troops (Di, Dragonborn, and Xuanyuan), Zombie troops, and Aberra troops (which cannot be obtained by the player but can be fought in Buzhou Mountain Floor 5 and above). Aberra troops have high attack but low defense. Xuanyuan troops will never be fought by the player, with the exception of PvP.

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