Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Family Values
Description Legends can gain experience by winning battles and will eventually increase in level. The upgrade operation can be started once their experience has met the upgrade requirements. Upgrading can enhance the legend's capacity, and the upgraded legend's strength shall never be reduced.
Guide Access the city interface, click on the legend pavilion and select the legend you would like to upgrade. Click "check", select "upgrade" and add the available points to the legend's primary ability score. When you are happy with the distribution, click save. If you wish to re-distribute the points, click "clear".
Objective(s) Upgrade the legend's level
Assign the potential points to the individual legend
Reward(s) Restoration: 10, Renew Seed: 5, Reflection: 2
Unlocks Centre-line

This task was updated in the 18 November, 2010 update and now rewards an additional 5 renew seeds, and 2 reflections along with the same 10 restorations.

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