NO. 200 in the Legend Info list.

Zhao Gongming
Zhao Gongming
Gender Male
Order Monk
Title True Sage Long Hu Xuan Tan
Ability 45
FengShen Tower Talent None

Base Life 228
Base Mana 506
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 64
Base MA 190
Base Def. 47
Base Crg. 10
Base Mag. 38
Base Strt. 14

Legend type Task
Unlock task Wealth God
Unlock item Gongming Token

Cai Shen (also known as Zhao Gongming or Bi Gan) is the god of prosperity. Though Cai Shen started as a Chinese folk hero, later deified and venerated by local followers and admirers, Taoism and Pure Land Buddhism also came to venerate him as a god.

Has 3 special artefacts:

  • Gold Whip, increases soldiers' attack power by 20% and defensive power by 10%.
  • Sea-calming Pearl, increase soldiers defence power by 25%. If also have Purple Gold Whip equipped then increases soldiers attack by 25%
  • Purple Gold Whip, increase soldiers attack by 25%. If also have Sea Calming Pearl equipped then allied troops defence increases by 25%

Has exclusive mount Black-Striped Tiger

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